tandem, jaspersoft, business object, bo, jaspersoft 6.1, reporting, rego university, jaspersoft training (2)On September 25, 2015, we all shared a grin.

Contrary to the expectations they set, CA surprised us with a second tandem inclusion of Business Objects alongside Jaspersoft in CA PPM 14.3. And this time they’ve told us in documentation: it won’t happen again. 

There’s a lot of excitement floating in the air. Catch all the details October 16th in our Rego PPM Hangout On Air: Moving to CA PPM 14.3 and Jaspersoft. Join here.

Preview the New Release | CA PPM 14.3

So what’s our favorite addition to CA PPM 14.3?

The answer is easy: Jaspersoft 6.1. It’s the bigger and better version with dashboarding capabilities similar to SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (Xcelsius), and Jaspersoft introduced a great mobile reporting application, so Jaspersoft users can access reporting quickly on phones and tablets. We’ll show you examples in our PPM Hangout.

People are asking about Rally and APIs. Within this version RESTful APIs were introduced, allowing a strong foundation for continued core connector expansion, and the first version of an agile Rally integration ca ppm 14.3, recommendation, upgrade, ca clarity ppm, clarity ppm, jaspersoft, dashboard, mobile app, business objectsdoes appear here, but CA plans to expand the integration for more robust use in future versions. We’ll go over what you can expect in our Rego PPM Hangout On Air.

Also of note, we’ve seen significant ROI realized by companies who leverage their existing investment in CA PPM for Application Portfolio Management. A new APM content pack in CA PPM 14.3 makes this solution even better.

Finally, there are a few improvements around Idea Team migration to project, automatic posting to WIP as a scheduled Job, and fully integrating cost type into financial processing—but when it’s all said and done, Jaspersoft enhancements take the cake.

Join our PPM Hangout for all the details, including the technical difficulty of upgrading and what you can include as you develop a value document.

What Does CA PPM 14.3 Mean for Business Objects?

There’s still value you can squeeze from Business Objects (BO). CA PPM 14.3 supports the same version of BO we saw in CA PPM 14.2, but On Premise and On Demand downloads from support.ca.com are not available for either release. While On Demand customers who previously used BO can continue to use it on CA PPM 14.3, new customers cannot.

jaspersoft, jaspersoft dashboards, jaspersoft 6.1, ca ppm 14.3, ca ppm, clarity ppm, reporting, analytics, views, rego university, jaspersoft training (2)CA has also stated in their documentation that BO integration will not be included in future releases, and official end-of-life for BO support (upgrades, patches, problem-solving) is still December 31, 2015. Join our Rego PPM Hangouts On Air for more details.

When Should We Upgrade to CA PM 14.3?

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know our standard position after a major release is to wait for two patches to arrive before upgrading. This allows CA to eliminate potential defects.

We haven’t found any significant defects yet, so if you’re ready for an upgrade right now, look to your size and complexity. If you’re very large and complex, we recommend waiting two fix packs. If you’re not as complex, you’ll probably be just fine. However, with some of the great new features, it may be worth any risk.

Feel free to request a Rego presentation if you’d like a comprehensive description of the technical changes in CA PPM 14.3 and their corresponding value-adds.

And to aide in a smooth transition as you plan your upgrade strategies, join our Rego PPM Hangouts On Air | Moving to CA PPM 14.3 and Jaspersoft, where our brilliant technical consultants will give you the scoop on everything you can expect in 14.3.

Do you have questions about CA PPM 14.3 and Jaspersoft? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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