Recently at Rego, Wes McCoubrie and Sankhadeep Dhar deployed a refreshed version of Rego’s Estimation Module for a major healthcare client. It may be something you want to get your hands on.

At Rego, we’re never satisfied with good enough, so we’re constantly tinkering and hacking, trying to create more value for our customers.estimation

Rego’s Estimation Module is intended to facilitate collecting, baselining, and operationalizing role-level estimates. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Collection: PMs and Team Leads interact through AIs and an Estimation subpage to land on final estimates for the project.
  • Baseline: Once approved by all parties, the estimates are locked. Because their healthcare client doesn’t use ETCs or the OOTB baselining process, these locked estimates now represent the original baseline effort for the project.
  • Operationalization: A process converts the estimates to role-level allocations on the project’s Team tab. (Estimates for this particular client are associated with a specific role, employment type, and Staff OBS.)
  • Additional features: The module includes a new team-based EAC field calculated from actuals through the end of the previous month and adding allocations from current month forward.

Rego’s Estimation Module shows collection status and how projects are progressing against original estimates (by team, project, and role).

Want to learn more or get a demo on Rego’s Estimation Module? Want Wes and Sankhadeep’s autographs? Contact us today at