Upgrade to CA PPM 15.5

Want to know if you should upgrade to Clarity PPM 15.5?

Whenever a new version of Clarity PPM releases it’s vital to understand the changes before you upgrade. There are lots of useful updates in 15.5 and you want to make sure they work for you before you upgrade your software. Read on and watch our on-demand webinar to see the new features of Clarity PPM 15.5 in action.

Here’s What’s New in Clarity PPM 15.5

Modern UX features are the major focus of Clarity PPM 15.5 (it became available for general use in early September).

The new features in Modern UX for this point release focus on:

  • Teams
  • Channels
  • Roadmaps
  • Beta Investment Types


Teams and Team-Based Planning allow organizations to conduct resource planning in a more efficient fashion by eliminating the need to plan every task or project all the way down to the individual resource.


Channels allow you to punch out to external locations within the Modern UX to streamline access to other useful management tools.


This is one of the industry’s first combinations of visual Roadmapping with Time-Phased Fiscal Period Planning. Other enhancements include multi-column grid sorting and saving of grid column widths as part of a view.

Beta Investment Types

These investment types help reduce governance friction by allowing organizations to articulate your investment plans in your stakeholders’ preferred language.

Customer Requested Changes in Clarity PPM 15.5

Broadcom is great at listening to users (reach out to Rego or CA to suggest changes) and made these changes based directly on feedback from Clarity PPM customers:

  • Support for Fixed Work task types in Microsoft Project
  • Ability to use the ENTER key to post Conversations
  • Improvements to handling of localization for Project Visuals & Modules in the Modern UX,
  • Improvements to the treatment of Days in the Timesheet Review & Approve
  • Options for enforcing stricter security when selecting project participants in the classic UX

Watch The Webinar on Clarity PPM 15.5

Want to see these new features on a screen? Watch this on-demand webinar to see Clarity PPM 15.5’s Modern UX in action.

Rego Built a Few Tools for 15.5 

We’ve built a few tools you can use when you upgrade to Clarity PPM 15.5. 

channel Rego Channel Pack
Harness the power of the traditional Classic UI in the Modern UX. With the Rego Channel Pack, you can access your project-specific tabs from the Classic UI in the Modern UX—without having to leave the Modern UX. This makes pages that weren’t previously available to you easily accessible from one location. You can even do full administration work, all within the Modern UX.
 printer Rego Roadmap Printer
If you’ve always wanted to print your PPM Roadmap and share it for all to see, now you can with Rego Roadmap Printer. This easy-to-use Google Chrome plugin generates a PDF for easy printing.


Talk to An Expert About How to Upgrade to Clarity PPM 15.5

Want to talk to someone directly about whether or not you should make the change to Clarity PPM 15.5?

Contact us and talk to one of our experts. 


Sort Through The Full Documentation Yourself

Here’s the full documentation on Clarity PPM 15.5 if you want to sort through it yourself. 

Let Rego Be Your Guide

Rego also offers free health assessmentswebinars, and half-day training classes for Clarity PPM on Roadmaps in the Modern UX, Power BI, Portfolio Management, and Jaspersoft.

For a full list of Clarity Services, visit regoconsulting.com.


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