Action Item Responder

Want to respond to Clarity PPM action items directly in email? Your wish is our webinar, with our new Action Item Responder.

Join Rego’s Joshua Leone for our on-demand webinar, where he’ll bring you up to speed on a really cool, can’t-believe-it’s-finally-here feature: being able to respond to actions items directly in email!

We call it the Action Item Responder. 

At long last, stakeholders, resource managers, project managers, and others can respond to actions simply and easily within their email: eliminating the extra login step while presenting all of the information needed to make the decision within the body of the email. Plus, they can attach notes to the email that are fed into Clarity, making the process even more efficient. This new solution will work for ANY type of workflow needing a response.


Solving this challenge has been a top priority for Rego—we’ve literally spent hundreds of hours crafting a simple way to respond directly within email to workflow action items. This research has led to an architecture that meets our high standards: simple, fast, and inexpensive.

You may be interested in knowing that Josh tested the responder while on a camping trip. Without logging into Clarity PPM, he sat next to a campfire and easily responded to requests from his phone.


Common uses for workflow items include:

  • Timesheet approval/rejection
  • Approval of an Idea to become a Project
  • Approval/Rejection of a change request
  • Approval/Rejection of a budget plan
  • Movement of a soft booking to a hard booking

Register here to learn how this amazing feature can benefit you directly by increasing Clarity PPM adoption and reducing time spend in the response cycle.

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