If you want a simple solution for troubleshooting Clarity PPM questions, or if you’re looking for a way to stay up-to-date with the latest functionality, you’ll love the RegoXchange Library.

Rego Consulting continues to lead the way in shared Clarity PPM knowledge by adding our 1,000th solution.

The RegoXchange is a not-for-profit library.

Rego is often called to assist with new implementations, turnarounds, functional business unit expansions, integrations, upgrades, and migrations.

It’s typical for us to produce a custom solution for a client, and then turn around and make the base code available to everyone else, so you can implement the solution at a fraction of the cost.

“Rego has a core mission to deliver innovative PPM solutions that allow our customers to gain measurable ROI. Our priority is to drive down the cost of implementation and support,” said Josh Leone to InsightSuccess.

Because Rego is dedicated to producing ground-breaking innovation, clients can significantly reduce their current spend with the RegoXchange by accessing free samples of portlets, reports, technical tricks, and workflows in theBasiX section or subscribing for full access to new content with theWorX. Subscriptions pay for ongoing solution development.

These eight recent releases will help you harness the power of Clarity PPM.

RegoXchange: 8 Releases for Financials, Resources, and Projects

Collaboration Documents on Projects
Use this portlet to quickly access documents you’ve uploaded into projects. You can choose to go through the Classic UI Collaboration tab, or the Modern UX Documents module. Download Here.
Timesheet Adjustments in the Modern UX
Read about how to adjust your time once a timesheet has been posted in this useful document. Download Here.
Financial Summary by Cost Type – Graph Stacked
This portlet provides a visual stacked graph for each year’s financial picture. It begins with the current year and goes into the future, too. Download Here.
Financial Summary by Cost Type – Grid
Do you need to find actual numbers for each year? Use this portlet to see a grid beginning with the current year and going into the future. Download Here.
Power BI | Financial Summary by Transaction Class
When you use this report, you will be able to view a graph for each year’s financial picture, spanning multiple years. Download Here.
Power BI | Project Health by PM
This dashboard contains multiple visualization options showing KPIs of project managed by Project Manager. Download Here.
Power BI | Resource Management Dashboard
Here, you’ll find various KPIs like actuals posted by resources in the last month, allocation in the current month, a count of missed timesheets, and more. Download Here.
Power BI | Timesheet Compliance Dashboard
Want to see timesheet compliance data? This dashboard provides the data under various scenarios, across multiple visualizations. Download Here.


We hope this is useful to your and your team. Rego is constantly uploading new content to help support your Clarity PPM implementation, and we’d be happy to assist if you have any questions for us. We would be happy to provide a demo of RegoXchange for you and your team. Check with your account manager to arrange a convenient time. Your input helps us create better tools and training.


Rego Drives Clarity PPM Innovation

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