Bimodal Best Practices

With 200 expert practitioners in Clarity PPM, we’ve performed hundreds of successful implementations. Our rollouts have gone to user bases as small as 30 and as large as 50,000. Our experience has led to truly innovative Bimodal (hybrid) best practices.

As you can imagine, we have a lot of courseware and business value accelerators at our fingertips. And we’d like you to benefit.

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White Papers, Guides, and References

  1. Bimodal (Hybrid) Project Management White Paper
  2. PMO Accelerator Reports
  3. Portlets Reference Guide (RegoXchange)
  4. Guide to Measure PMO Success
  5. Clarity PPM ROI Business Case
  6. Business Case Calculator
  7. Clarity PPM User Types
  8. Clarity PPM 15.3 – Powerful, Configurable & Collaborative
  9. Clarity PPM 15.4 Demo
  10. Clarity PPM Odata Connector + PowerBI

Supplemental Resources for Bimodal Best Practices

  1. RegoXchange
  2. PPM White Papers
  3. Rego Webinars
  4. RegoUniversity 2018 Presentations
  5. RegoUniversity 2017 Presentations
  6. Case Studies
  7. Clarity PPM 15.3 Blog – 6 Things You Want to Know
  8. KPIs for Managing Your PMO
  9. Free Rego Training: Portfolio Mgmt, Jaspersoft, or Power BI

Let Rego Be Your Guide

Rego offers free health assessmentswebinars, and half-day training classes for Clarity PPM on Roadmaps in the Modern UX, Power BI, Portfolio Management, and Jaspersoft.

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