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Rego just released a new podcast, available here. In this episode, learn about Project Management from a true industry veteran.

Christi Rice is a senior functional consultant, with over 15-years of real-world PPM experience. Early in her career she realized she had a knack for project management. Not only was she organized and methodical, but she discovered an ability to bridge the gap between developers and business leaders.

One of the biggest changes Christi has seen over the years is the cascading influx of tools for end-to-end project management. With that influx, Christi recommends using wise caution. For instance, she’s seen success when leaders harness the strength of both Waterfall and Agile, not completely abandoning one for the other.christi.jpg

Another pearl of wisdom Christi shares deals with a common challenge: the people that own the delivery of the work are not always the same people establishing the standards and procedures of how the work gets done. She makes a strong case for the need to get on the same page, right from the start.

Christi takes her project management skills home with her—and renovates her home. Hear some amusing stories about projects completed, future projects in the ideation phase, and how she methodically placed 5,300 pennies by hand to create a unique copper top. Our hands hurt just thinking about that one. 

Also in this episode…

  1. FREE WHITEPAPER: Six Ways to Speed up Ideation. Get some solid direction on enhancing your ideation process. Want a sneak peek? Here’s idea number two: focus on quality over quantity—it’s okay to generate fewer ideas, as long as they’re aligned with company objectives and can move your business forward.
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    If Clarity PPM is your tool of choice, then chances are good that you’ve either heard about RegoU or been an attendee. And once an attendee, always an attendee. Here are five reasons you can’t miss this PPM conference. Early Bird pricing is closing soon!
  3. FREE WHITE PAPER & WEBINAR: Hiring the Right Project Manager. Among the many analogies used in this whitepaper are zombies, the apocalypse, good cop/bad cop routines, and Switzerland. But they’re all focused on helping you enhance the interview process for finding the right individual, including techniques like creating “intellectual tension” and distinguishing between behavioral and case interviews. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a fascinating read—and it’s also available as a webinar. Here’s a link to the webinar.
  4. SIX THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT Clarity PPM 15.3 RELEASE. Another popular blog post, get all the latest ins and outs of the 15.3 release, including blueprints and other improvements.

We’re covering all this and more in Episode 8 of The PPM Podcast, available here.

The PPM Podcast is hosted by Steve Winchester and Camille Pack and produced by Michael Murdock. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

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