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You may have already heard that in the next few months, CA will be changing how the CA Productivity Accelerator tool (CA PA or CAPA) works. While it will likely be seamless experience for the end user, these changes will have a huge impact on the people creating content with the CAPA Developer tool.

Here is what’s changing for CAPA with the anticipated release of Clarity PPM 15.4.

A New CA Productivity Accelerator Developer Tool

  • The current CAPA Developer tool is built on Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK), and most companies are creating content using CAPA Developer v12 (CAPA v12).
  • CA will be moving to a new developer toolset for the Clarity PPM 15.4 release. It’s based on SAP Enable Now and called CAPA Developer v13 (CAPA v13). This developer will be usable across all CA tools, not just Clarity PPM, and likely across non-CA tools as well.
  • While similar to the existing UPK version of CAPA, the Enable Now tool also has some new features and functionality similar to what’s offered by Excers’ letzNav. For a deeper dive, click here.
  • UPK content development will go away with the release of Clarity PPM 15.4. For out-of-the-box CAPA content development, users will use the Enable Now toolset.
  • CA will stop support of CAPA v12 on January 19, 2019. Oracle will discontinue support on February 19, 2019.

What This Means for You

If you have existing, custom CAPA content—either created by you or another partner—you have two options:

  1. Keep using the “old” CAPA Developer (CAPA v12) until you are forced to switch
        • You can continue using CAPA v12 to create new content as you upgrade and make changes.
        • You won’t be able to use any of the new out-of-the-box content from v15.4 forward unless you switch to the Enable Now developer tool (CAPA v13).
        • You will not have CAPA v12 support starting in 2019 and can choose to continue using v12 without support (not ideal), or switch to v13 at that time and recreate or convert existing CAPA content.
  2. Switch to the new CA Productivity Accelerator Developer (Enable Now, CAPA v13) as you upgrade to 15.4 or beyond.
        • You’ll have to recreate or convert existing CAPA content.
          • There will likely be a conversion tool or process, but it’s not determined yet if it will resemble the Jaspersoft conversion process or be done manually by resources.
          • Rego can assist with manual content conversion.
        • Use Enable Now to create new content going forward.

If you’re using CA Productivity Accelerator out-of-the-box, nothing will change. (e.g. You’re On-Demand and click the Learn Link to view non-custom tutorials.) When you upgrade to 15.4 or a version beyond that, you’ll simply see the updated content with a slightly different user interface.

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