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We’ve recently released seven new Jaspersoft reports and a technical trick, available upon request right now on RegoXchange (theWorX).

The RegoXchange is the largest PPM content library. 
It houses hundreds of existing portlets, training material, reports, technical tricks, and workflows designed to help users increase the value of their PPM tool without developing from scratch.

Here’s a quick rundown of each one:

Jaspersoft Report: Benefits by Year
This report gives the project manager a single place to view Benefit plan and its associated benefit for various years across multiple projects. Project Managers can use this report to analyze if the projects are giving intended benefits and take appropriate decisions accordingly. User can further narrow their search by OBS Type & Path, Investment Name, Investment Manager, Investment Type, Plan Type and Is Plan of Record?.

Download it now: http://regoxchange.com/show/1272/

Jaspersoft Report: Late Issues

With this report, Project Managers have a single place to view all the Open Issues that are past their target resolution date for multiple projects. Users can view only the projects they have access to. This report provides Issue information such as ID, Name, Owner, Status, Priority, Target Resolution Date, Days Open (# of days Issue is open) and its associated Project ID, Project Name & Project Manager. User can further narrow their search by OBS Type & Path, Issue ID, Issue Name, Project ID, Project Manager, Is Project Active?, Issue Owner, Issue Target Resolution Date, Issue Priority and No. of Days Issue is Open.

Get it here: http://regoxchange.com/show/1273/

Jaspersoft Report: Late Risks

This report gives the project manager a single place to view risks across multiple projects. This report displays Project Information such as ID, Name & Manager, Risk Information such as its ID, Name, Owner, Status, Probability, Impact, Target Resolution Date & Days Open. You can further narrow your search by Risk Status, Risk Name Risk Impact, Risk Owner, Project Name and Project Manager.

Click on the link to download: http://regoxchange.com/show/1274/

Jaspersoft Report: Within Baseline Effort

This pie chart displays projects baseline effort by their categories. Legend displays various baseline effort categories: Within Baseline, Out of Baseline, Within 10% Baseline and No Baseline. Mouse over on the pie chart displays the total number of projects within that particular category. You can further narrow your search by OBS Type & Path and Is Project Active?.

Link available here: http://regoxchange.com/show/1275/

Jaspersoft Report: Pending Actuals

Project Managers now have a single place to view all the pending actuals on tasks across multiple projects. Users can view only the projects they have access to. Managers can use this portlet to analyze the actuals that have been submitted but not posted on tasks. You can further narrow your search by OBS Type & Path and Assignment Total.

Access this report here: http://regoxchange.com/show/1276/

Jaspersoft Report: Late Milestones

This report displays the list of all milestones that are not closed but are past their finish date or past their baseline finish date. The report provides Project Manager the ability to view and track late milestones across multiple projects without going into each project individually. This report displays Project ID, Project Name, Project Manager, Milestone Name, Due Date, Baseline Date, Days Late (Elapsed days between Task Finish date and Task Baseline Finish date), and Days Old (Elapsed days between Task Finish Date and Today’s Date).  User can further narrow their search by Project ID, Project Name, Project Manager Name, Milestone Name, Due Date between, Baseline Date between, Is Milestone?, Is late?, Task Status, Is Template?. User can use exact dates or relative dates for Due Date between and Baseline Date between filter parameters.

Download the file here: http://regoxchange.com/show/1277/

Technical Trick: Change URL Attribute to an Image in List View

This tech-trick defines how a URL attribute can be changed to an image in a list view via CSS.

Get it here: http://regoxchange.com/show/1278/

Jaspersoft Report: Project by Indicator
This pie chart displays count of projects by out-of-box Status Indicator attribute. Legend displays the colors associated with various Status Indicator values. Mouse over the pie chart slice displays the count of projects associated with that respective Status Indicator value. You can further narrow your search by OBS Type, OBS Path, Project Manager and Is Project Active?.

Download it now: http://regoxchange.com/show/1282/

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