We’re gearing up for the ultimate Clarity PPM and Rally Software® learning experience of the year, RegoUniversity 2019–sponsored by Broadcom–in San Diego, CA. If your organization is using PPM with Agile, you can’t miss this year’s amazing course offerings.

Rego Consulting is offering three days of solution-driven open labs, round table discussions, and instructional classes at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa for just $1100. You’ll get hands-on experience with implementing your Clarity PPM or Rally Software® solution, hear from experts and industry leaders, and benefit from lasting connections. Take a look at what previous RegoUniversity attendees have said about the event.

“I have attended RegoUniversity for 3 years (one more to graduate?). I always learn something from the classes, but I often learn even more from the connections that I have made.”
-Process Manager, Metrics
“RegoUniversity is simply the most informative conference on all aspects of the CA PPM solution. A must attend for everyone from the early adopting team to the most experienced users.”
– PMO Lead
“I have attended the last 2 years and find there is so much available it can be hard to decide which session to attend. I want to attend them all.”
-Sr. Project Leader

Last year, we had a great turnout. It was exciting to see people reawaken their enthusiasm for Agile and PPM all over again. To give you an idea of what you can expect at RegoUniversity, here are free presentations from last year’s RegoUniversity.


Agile Transformation | What to Expect
– Parts of a Successful Agile Implementation
– Support Your Team with Leadership
– Metrics for Team, Program, and Transformation

Agile Integration | Bi-Modal IT
– Capitalize Time
– Rally Software® Integration
– Monitor Data Progress

Agile Primer
– Why Go Agile?
– Agile vs. Traditional
– Agile Continuous Planning

The Role and Value of the PMO
in the Age of Agile
– Why Start a PMO?
– Going Agile with a PMO
– Best Practices and Strategies


Doing Agile When Your Company
Doesn’t Understand Agile
– Overcome Hurdles to Agility
– How to Talk about Agile
– Get Started with Agile Principles

Demystifying the Agile PMO
– What is an Agile PMO?
– Simple Strategies for Implementation
– Real-World Examples

Agile Best Practices
– Introduce Agile to Your Team
– Adopt an Agile Mindset
– Strategies and Best Practices

Rally Software® | Demo
– Why Industry Leaders Turn to Rally Software®
– Live Presentation of Agile Functionality
– Q&A with Expert Panel

Rally Software®/Agile | Roundtable
– Engage in Discussion with Peers
– Trouble-shoot Stumbling Blocks
– Discover Solutions


Adoption and Perception Strategies
– Reasons for Low Adoption
– Keys to Compliance
– Invest in Mentoring

Dashboard Metrics | Best Practices
– How to Develop Metrics
– Samples of Metrics Dashboards
– Getting Metrics and KPI

Resource Management | Best Practices
– Implementation Strategies
– Manage Allocations
– Report with Configured Dashboards

PPM Roadmap | Always Have a Vision
– What Makes a Roadmap Strategic
– Best Practices for Roadmapping
– Real World Examples

Project to Product
– Learn Product-Centric Best Practices
– Incorporate Roadmap Planning
– Strategies for Quick Wins


Project Financial Management | Best Practices
– Report the Status of Projects
– Minimize Risks and Issues
– Establish and Maintain Budgets and Actuals

Capitalization Calculation | Best Practices
– Track Capital vs. Operating Expenses
– Using Clarity PPM OOTB
– Best Practices for Agile Capitalization

ITFM & PPM | Better Together
– Using IT Financial Management
– PMO & Finance Collaboration
– Adding Financial Data to PPM

Estimation | Best Practices
– Are Your Estimates Accurate?
– Bottom Up vs. Top Down Planning
– Using Agile Estimation Tools

Better Together | Rally Software® & Clarity PPM
– Integrate Rally Software® & Clarity PPM
– Get the Most from Both Solutions
– Real-World Examples


Power BI Dashboards | Beginner
– Navigate Power BI
– Create a Simple Report
– Learn Data Modeling and Transformation

Jaspersoft Ad-Hoc Reporting | Beginner
– Run an Out-of-the-Box Report
– Run an Ad-Hoc Report
– Schedule Reports

GEL Scripts | Introduction
– Learn GEL Script Structure
– Use Data Operations
– Real World Use Cases

NSQL Portlets | Advanced
– Learn Multi-Dimensional Portlets
– Discover Hierarchical Portlets
– Best Practices and Examples< /td>


Rego is proud to offer a wealth of information about Clarity PPM and Rally Software® completely free of charge. Get webinars, reports, white papers, tutorials, and more on our site, or visit RegoXchange for Clarity PPM tips and tricks.

As a trusted innovator with over twelve years of experience, Rego has earned a reputation of excellence. Our 170+ Expert Guides have served at top PMOs worldwide, and average 15 years of experience a piece—so you know you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date information out there.

Join us for this immersive learning experience. Register here.


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As the leading Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Technology Business Management (TBM), Agile and expert services provider, Rego Consulting has helped hundreds of organizations achieve a higher return on their software investment, including 60% of Fortune 100 and 70% of Fortune 20 companies.

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