These days, finding the right workplace collaboration tool is a bit like car shopping – there are too many choices and multiple variables. Whether you’re rethinking your current solution or starting from scratch, it’s essential to get the features you need to drive workplace collaboration and productivity.


Today, it’s more important than ever to keep teams connected. And Flowdock makes that effortless with flows. Flows are made up of a chat and team Inbox. They make it easy for teams or groups to work and discuss things. We suggest creating a flow for each team.

The Inbox, Reimagined

Fostering creative cooperation between teams starts with giving them tools that encourage communication. Flowdock takes a familiar concept – the Inbox – and transforms it into a virtual space where teams can view updates on favorite tools while keeping conversations focused.

Conversation Threads

Let’s face it. Tangents happen, especially in team chats. That’s why Flowdock created conversation threads. Flowdock’s conversation threads give you more control in team chats. Simply comment on reply directly to an earlier message to automatically create a conversation thread.

1-1 Chat

Sometimes it’s better to discuss things as a group. Sometimes you need to have a one-on-one conversation. With Flowdock’s 1-1 chat feature, you have the option for both.

Be Unique: Display Names

Are you tired of getting messages meant for a co-worker who has the same name? Flowdock has a solution for that. Use display names (nicknames), so you can quickly and easily tell people apart.


Switching between applications is more than a mere annoyance; it’s a proven productivity-buster. That’s why Flowdock integrates with more than 90 tools. Just use the open API if you need to fine-tune an existing integration or create a new one. Curious about updates to those applications? Teams can quickly view updates to their favorite tools in the Flowdock Inbox.

(Not) Lost and Found: Search

Flowdock’s search and filtering functions make it simple to locate requests, work items, or attachments. For easy filtering, use the tagging feature to group Threads.

Let Rego Guide Your Workplace Collaboration Journey with Flowdock

Let Rego Be Your Flowdock Guide

Contact Rego Consulting today to see how Flowdock’s feature-rich real-time chat application can help your teams increase efficiency, prioritize work, and resolve issues. Our expert consultants are happy to set up a no-pressure conversation to show how Flowdock drives workplace collaboration.

Rego also offers free training classes, webinars, articles, and white papers.

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