Case Study: Financial Services Firm AWS Migration

Company: Financial Services Firm
Industry: Finance
Company Size: 50,000+ Employees

The Organization:

This North American-based, Fortune 500 financial services firm provides individuals and small business owners with strategic wealth management guidance, investment and retirement account options, insurance and annuities plans, and more.

The challenge:

The organization needed to improve Clarity user adoption, drive organizational alignment, analyze the total cost for products, and support an Agile transformation with the powerful new features available in Clarity’s Modern User Experience (MUX).

However, their Clarity instance was several years out-of-date because of technical challenges stemming from their on-premises hosting. It was too difficult to justify making any upgrades even with a team of IT staff members. Additionally, they struggled with unplanned downtime due to on-premises hosting.

“Rego did an incredible job of getting us onto the cloud.” – Firm PMO Representative

The solution:

The financial services firm partnered with Rego Consulting to move their Clarity instance to AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud hosting. Rego was able to make the process quick and efficient – it only took 25 days to migrate!

Early on it was decided that the easiest way to help the organization achieve their goal of migrating to Clarity’s Modern UX was to move their older version of Clarity onto cloud hosting and then make version updates. Once the AWS migration was complete, it was easy to regularly update Clarity and ensure employees had access to the newest, cutting-edge features and functionality.

After the initial migration and upgrade, regular end-user trainings and internal webinars were held to socialize Clarity within the organization and ensure everyone knew how to take advantage of Clarity’s newest capabilities.

“I can’t say enough how much I appreciate you guys as a partner. It has been a great experience.” – Firm PMO Representative

The Results

As a result of moving Clarity to AWS, the financial services firm now has:

Increased Clarity User Adoption: Engagement with Clarity has increased 3x. Before the migration, IT was the only group using Clarity.

Now, it has been socialized throughout the entire organization, and executives rely daily on Clarity data as a source of truth for decision making. Requests for new Clarity dashboards and reports have more than doubled!

Additionally, with the migration to the Modern UX, newer features such as Hierarchies and Roadmaps are regularly leveraged to gain insights, ensure organizational alignment, and make data-driven decisions.

Seamless Upgrades: The financial services firm is now able to follow Clarity’s new release schedule with just one team member overseeing upgrades. These consistent updates ensure that all employees have access to the newest Clarity capabilities.

When internal Clarity trainings are held, stakeholders are excited and ask what upcoming features will be available and when the next upgrade will be live.

Reduced Downtime: Before migrating to Cloud hosting, the organization regularly experienced unplanned downtime. Since moving to the AWS, Clarity has only gone down twice in 1.75 years, and was back up and running again with minimal disruption.

Transparency into the Total Cost of Products: With Clarity, the financial services firm now has visibility into the total of cost of products, making decisions around profitability and efficiencies more accurate and ensuring the continual delivery of value.

Greater Strategic Alignment: The organization has started to track Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) using Clarity data. This has helped tie individuals’ work to organizational goals and measure progress to ensure strategic alignment.

The Road Ahead:

As the financial services provider continues to partner with Rego Consulting, they plan to use Clarity to implement Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), tie their OKRs to Clarity Hierarchies and upcoming Clarity features, scale their Agile transformation, and track operational streams across their entire organization.

Rego is the world’s #1 reseller of Clarity by Broadcom. We provide services to 70% of Clarity’s North American customer base.

Clarity SaaS hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) leverages the most modern AWS cloud services to provide a secure, scalable and reliable platform for Clarity. As a select consulting partner with AWS, Rego is closely aligned with Amazon to modernize enterprise applications through the use of native AWS services with ongoing innovation.

Rego Consulting has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies.

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