Case Study: Industrial leader accelerates innovation with consistent global PPM methodology and processes

Project profile: Leading diversified industrial corporation
Service: RegoProcess
Tool: Clarity

The challenge: inconsistent methodology and processes

The company relies on effective and efficient project management to deliver its innovative products and technologies, which are changing cities, communities and the way people live.

Over time, the organization had grown in size and global footprint, through acquisitions as well as organically. As a result, its global project methodology was no longer consistently applied across its many locations, jeopardizing insights into and the effectiveness of critical projects.

Business leaders wanted to deploy a single project management approach and consistent processes globally to ensure timely project reporting and delivery.

The solution: a single, global approach

The corporation chose Rego Consulting to help it develop and deploy a standard global project management methodology.

Rego Consulting worked closely with a diverse, cross-business team which included four global IT project managements offices (PMOs) and an Enterprise PMO (EPMO) to define a consistent methodology for the organization going forward.

Rego Consulting then mapped the new methodology to the organization’s solution of choice, Clarity PPM.

To ensure the Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solution would provide the required performance levels and meet the company’s sizing requirements, Rego Consulting also built a plug-in to help project managers in using systems development and other solution processes.

The benefits: increased efficiency, consistency and best practices

By partnering with Rego, the organization now has a single, cross-business solution and methodology that leverages global project management best practices.

Project managers have quickly benefitted from simpler templates and more streamlined processes. This will increase project efficiency as well as effectiveness, enabling the organisation to deliver new and innovate solutions more quickly.

The global industrial leader now plans to extend use of the new methodology and PPM solution across other business functions to further increase efficiency.

Rego has a unique ability to drive process definition and agreement through uncertainty and competing agendas.”

Company Director