Case Study: Tracking Change Requests at All Stages

Company: Cummins Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing
Size: 61,000+ employees

The Customer: A Global Power Leader

In the 1920s, Cummins was an early developer of the diesel engine. Now, as a Fortune 500 company, Cummins continues to design, manufacture, sell, and service diesel and alternative fuel engines, as well as related components and technology across the globe.

The Challenge

Cummins Power Components urgently needed a comprehensive solution to track changes to the hundreds of thousands of components supporting the Cummins product lines. While changes originate from various sources, such as customer requests or product enhancements, their impact can be global. As a result, timely communication to all affected stakeholders – engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and customers – is essential.

The Solution

Cummins VPC determined that the Clarity platform provided the best controls, coupled with the necessary flexibility and responsiveness, to manage the demands of their fluid environment effectively. Upon finalizing their decision, Cummins VPC engaged Rego Consulting to provide the required advice, configuration, and technical support to meet their requirements.

The solution required integrating a massive database of the component parts, linking those parts to all possible affected end-items, and associating manufacturing facilities to the component parts. A vital element of the solution included developing a sophisticated yet flexible notifications process for stakeholders and participants in the change process. The custom notification included:

  • Their role in the process
  • The expected completion date of their portion of the change
  • The current change status

The Results

The resulting process allows tracking of the Change Requests at all stages of the change cycle from initial submission, through evaluation and approval, to the ultimate deployment.

Today, Cummins has a single system – Clarity – that displays the current status, who was responsible for each supporting element, and the expected and actual delivery date of the Change Request for the components supporting Cummins’ Product lines.