Case Study: AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

The Organization:

Founded in 2007, Rego Consulting is one of the world’s largest Project Portfolio Management (PPM), AWS, FinOps, TBM and Agile consulting firms.

They have guided 700+ organizations through their AWS, PPM, FinOps, and Work Management journeys, including 60% of Fortune 100 companies. Rego is the only Clarity by Broadcom SaaS provider on AWS, as well as the #1 global reseller, and they implement and maintain some of the most complex AWS environments. With 10+ years of experience, Rego brings industry leading best practices to every client.

The Challenge:

Rego not only deploys and maintains some of the most complex AWS environments for their clients, but they also build and manage their own, internal AWS infrastructure. Following AWS best practices, they use Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAR) on a regular cadence and whenever they launch new workloads. These standardized reviews are designed to help businesses ensure that their AWS Infrastructures are secure, optimized, and running efficiently.

The problem was that though each Well-Architected Framework Review was incredibly valuable, it required several days to complete with an entire team of employees. This delayed other important work and cost the company as so many employees were required for each review.

Additionally, Rego embarked on a journey to achieve SOC2 compliance for its SaaS product. This process typically takes 6 months to a year, involving meticulous attention to detail in establishing controls, procedures, and security measures. This endeavor demanded considerable time and resources to ensure compliance standards are met effectively.

The Solution:

Rego knew that these issues not only impacted their team, but their customers going through Well-Architected Framework Reviews as well. They wanted to find a way to make the process as painless as possible, saving time and requiring less dedicated resources for each review.

Rego discovered that they could use the AUTOMATE+ tool to automate most of the Well-Architected Framework Review process. Using this tool, they were able leverage AWS native services and integrations to find any misconfigurations and security gaps. This tool also made it easy to remediate issues with the click of a button. This, combined with Rego’s deep AWS knowledge, made the Well-Architected Framework Review a simple process that only required a few hours and a couple of employees – freeing up other team members to focus on valuable work.

Rego’s AWS team also employed the strategic Rapid WAR tool along with AUTOMATE+ to maintain SOC2 compliance efficiently. Understanding the challenges customers face in achieving and upholding standards like SOC2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NIST, Rego team members knew the complexity of the process. However, by utilizing tools, leveraging compliance automation, and conducting annual Well-Architected Reviews, Rego was able to streamline achieving and sustaining compliance.

Leveraging the, Rego was able to free up valuable teams and ensure everyone was focused on the most important work, all while seamlessly completing an AWS Well-Architected Review. The review ensured that their AWS workloads were secure, reliable, optimized for cost, performing efficiently, sustainable, and running with operational excellence.

The Results

90% reduction in the amount of time and effort it takes to complete a Well-Architected Framework Review — The review can now be completed in hours instead of days, with only a couple of employees instead of an entire dedicated team.

The Road Ahead:

The Rego team was so pleased with the results that they wanted all their clients to take advantage of this solution too! They decided to roll out a Well-Architected Framework Review AWS Marketplace offering that leverages the tool. They are looking forward to helping all their clients save time and reduce costs, while providing AWS best practice guidance for optimization, security, remediations, and continued growth.

Rego is the world’s #1 reseller of Clarity by Broadcom. We provide services to 70% of Clarity’s North American customer base.

Clarity SaaS hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) leverages the most modern AWS cloud services to provide a secure, scalable and reliable platform for Clarity. As a select consulting partner with AWS, Rego is closely aligned with Amazon to modernize enterprise applications through the use of native AWS services with ongoing innovation.

Rego Consulting has worked with 60% of Fortune 100 Companies.

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