8 July 2019 – CENTERVILLE, UTAH—Rego Consulting announced on July 8th that the company has acquired Moventus, a leading Workfront consulting firm.

This acquisition will allow us to more quickly gain market share, compete for new business, and position ourselves as a significant partner in the Workfront ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled to work with David Romney and David Taylor, as well as the whole Moventus team. Rego remains committed to providing our customers with access to the best work management and project management tools on the market, and we’re confident that Moventus will be a brilliant addition to our Workfront offering.” —Dan Greer, President, Rego Consulting

Moventus provides end-to-end implementations and services for the Workfront work management tool, which includes integrations, database configurations, and reporting tools.

“Moventus is eager to start working with Rego. This is an extraordinary opportunity for us, and we look forward to what the future brings,” says David Romney, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Moventus.

Workfront is a modern work management tool that transforms work and connects your enterprise. It’s a single solution that automates processes, enables cross-team collaboration, and helps organizations prioritize work to optimize delivery speed. Workfront also eliminates bottlenecks early by providing insight into project statuses, freeing up more time for innovation so your company can gain a competitive edge.


Moventus provides strategies for staying smart, connected, and Agile, through Workfront’s centralized projects, a managed digital work process, automated approval processes, efficiency for delivering client facing services, and governance management.

Like Rego, Moventus has an intense focus on helping organizations achieve a higher return on their work management tool investment. Rego and Moventus help companies achieve this higher return by energizing their systems with more efficient configurations, higher performance, greater reliability and professional support.

“There’s no need to spend ten to forty hours a week managing the tool with your own resources. Our support team eliminates strain on your organization and saves time and money.”
—David Taylor, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Moventus

For the near future, Rego and Moventus will operate under their current brand names but will share resources and assets. Existing Moventus clients can expect a high level of support to be maintained throughout the acquisition process.

Here are Some Answers to Common Questions about the Acquisition.


Who will I contact if I have a question?
Immediately after the acquisition, you’ll continue to use the contacts you’re using currently. Rego will transition existing customers to Rego-based email addresses in the near future.

Who is my account manager?
Your account manager will continue to be the same one you’re using today.

If I currently have a contract with Rego or Moventus, does anything change?
No. Nothing will change. All contracts are still in-force and valid as currently constituted.

Will the services be changing?
Rego plans to invest in Moventus Workfront services, so you can expect them to evolve and grow.

Will Rego provide webinars and technical information about the product?
Absolutely. To learn more visit www.regoconsulting.com/workfront