Want to increase team efficiency and make use of Workfront’s automation features? Workfront’s centralized document management and approvals process empowers our teams to deliver faster and spend more time on innovation.

Today, we’ll cover how to create a Workfront Proof. This blog is part one of a three-part series, so be sure to check out part two (attach a workflow to your proof) and part three (how to use roles, notifications, and stages) for more information.

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What Workfront Proof Does Every Day

Workfront provides a centralized and collaborative space for project feedback and comments, eliminating non-essential meetings and emails. That translates into more time we can devote to doing our jobs. In Workfront, it’s easy to manage asset versions to ensure all of our stakeholders are reviewing and approving the most recent iteration.

Workfront Proof accepts more than 150 file types, including Word, PDF, Excel, video, audio, HTML5, and Creative Cloud files. We can drastically reduce the number of manual tasks we need to set up, assign, and manage by simply leveraging workflows in Workfront Proof.

A basic document review in Workfront often goes something like this. . . .

First, a project manager creates a task to “Create the document.” Next, they create a task to “review/approve the document,” and another task if the document needs to be reviewed by someone else. This continues until all reviewers are associated to the document. If it’s rejected, then we start the process again, beginning with a task to “make necessary changes” before we send it out for round two of approvals.

Sometimes, we need to go through additional approval rounds before a document is finalized. It can take a lot of work to set up and manage this basic process. Documents can get lost, comments may be missed, and we might not make the deadline.

However, if we perform the same document rounds in Workfront Proof, only one task is needed to create and review the document. It’s much faster. When the person assigned to create the document is finished, they simply upload it to Workfront Proof and assign it to the people who need to review and approve. Everything is consolidated in one place: all versions, comments, and decisions.

Proof Creation and Uploading a Document

There are two ways we can create our proof and attach the documents we need.

1. Drag-and-Drop
We use drag-and-drop to add a Proof Workflow after the document is uploaded and a proof is generated.

• Drag-and-drop the file into the main window.
• Workfront Proof uploads the document but doesn’t add the review and approval workflow.
• Click or hover over the document and select “Proof Details.”

If the proof doesn’t generate when the file is uploaded, then the “Automatically generate proofs” option has been disabled. Another user who has that option enabled can generate the proof at any time by selecting +Generate Proof. After that, the review and approval process can be manually added.

2. Add New Proof
We recommend using this option as a best practice.

• To add proofing workflows during the upload step, use the “Add New” button and select “Proof.”
• Then either drag-and-drop into the blue area of the window, or use the browse feature. It’s possible to upload up to 20 files at a time.
• The documents queue up below the “Add Files” section. We can hover over the proof for edit and delete options. All of the items listed will have the same workflow applied. If you need to have different workflow settings, the documents must be uploaded separately.

That’s it.

In part two of our Workfront Proof series, we’ll cover how to attach a workflow to Workfront Proof.  Join us in part three to learn about using roles, notifications, and stages.

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