Do you have a strategy and plan to maximize your ServiceNow investment? Are your back-office operations fragmented across multiple platforms? Rego Consulting is here to help.

The Rego Platform Governance service helps your organization create a unified approach to using the entire ServiceNow platform. We combine governance, strategy, and architecture into one value-added service to maximize your value and return-on-investment (ROI).

First Things First: What is Platform Governance?

Governance involves directing the current and future use of your IT assets to ensure maximum value for your business. This includes strategy and solution architecture that aligns your organization’s goals and objectives, along with best-practice guidance for supporting and running the technology at an optimum cost-to-efficacy ratio.

Establishing Platform Governance early on is critical to maintaining proper focus on your IT goals, generating faster ROI, and saving time and money by creating and analyzing performance metrics. In short, the sooner you establish governance, the faster you can begin aligning ServiceNow to your enterprise goals, in both the short and long term.

The Rego Method

The following chart outlines Rego’s approach to Platform Governance.

Rego’s comprehensive Platform Governance service includes the following:

  • Practical guidance on the best use of the ServiceNow platform and applications in your current digital ecosystem
  • Incorporation of processes that reduce and prevent technical debt, including excessive customizations and prioritizing out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality
  • Identification, configuration, and deployment of unused ServiceNow applications and capability. Our expert guides can help you determine if you’re achieving full functionality out of the platform
  • Strategy, road mapping, release planning, and solution architecture
  • Evaluation of business needs and comprehensive – and comprehensible – direction on which ServiceNow components will best meet those needs
  • Best practices in solution design and making sure the principles adopted are easy to remember and permissive enough to allow adaptability
  • Quarterly assessments and planning with your teams. This provides you with cost-effective, fixed-cost staffing from Rego for a fraction of equivalent FTEs at your organization. Rego also includes oversight of internal development or other partners

Some Guidance on Governance

Based on our experience helping organizations establish Platform Governance, our consultants created a list of best practices:

Apply sparingly: The trick is implementing just enough governance. There’s no need to lock down functionality to prevent behaviors that haven’t occurred yet. Instead, you can regulate user behavior through activity logging, reporting, and training.

Know your suite: It’s crucial to adopt and learn the reference architecture and platform capabilities. The more you can align your development with ServiceNow’s development, the more value you’ll obtain from your investment.

Lock arms: We can’t stress enough the importance of onboarding stakeholders and shaping demands through collaboration by the steering and product teams. Set expectations proactively and keep communication lines as open as possible.

ServiceNow Platform Governance

Let Rego Guide Your Governance Journey

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