The ability to manage your Workfront project in Manual save mode versus Autosave mode is a great feature. It’s even better in the new Workfront Experience.

Revising dates and performing what-if analysis in Manual save mode for large, complicated project plans may take more time than you want, especially if you are displaying many fields in your view. To prevent this issue, Workfront introduced a new Plan mode to expedite project updates. This is known as Timeline Planning.

Timeline Planning

To access Timeline Planning, select the Plan Mode icon. Next, choose Manual save > Timeline Planning and click the Apply button. Note that the View – Standard View displays.

Standard View

After selecting Timeline Planning, the column view changes. There is no option to choose a different View, Filter, or Grouping drop-down. In addition, the Agile view icon is removed.

Agile View icon is removed

The Timeline Planning mode has a fixed view, which is set by Workfront.  This view allows you to focus on the most important fields that might affect the project timeline and enables Workfront to perform updates more quickly.

The View includes the following fields:

  • Task Number
  • Task Name
  • Constraint Type
  • Duration
  • Planned Start Date
  • Planned Completion Date
  • Predecessors
  • Assignments
  • Status
  • Percent Complete
Timeline Planning in Workfront

A toolbar setting is also displayed with options to undo, redo, and save your changes. Because Timeline Planning is a Manual save feature, you can cancel any changes before you save them.

To return to a specific view select the Plan Mode icon, and choose Manual save, Standard, or Autosave.

Important: When you navigate away from this page, Workfront re-enables the Autosave option. Remember that Manual save is not a default option.

If you are looking for a way to analyze the impact of changes to a project plan, Manual save is a great option. It is the only way you can emulate modifications to a project without making them permanent.

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