At Rego, we understand that implementing enterprise-wide change is a formidable task. That’s why we decided to host a brand-new ServiceNow and Agile learning path at RegoUniversity this year, where you’ll discover groundbreaking ways to maximize the potential of your NOW platform and add immediate value to your team.

Did you know that ServiceNow can be used for much more than just IT Service Management (ITSM)? It’s true—ServiceNow has successfully been used by top PMOs for Application Portfolio Management (APM), Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), IT Business Management (ITBM), Business Relationship Management (BRM), Agile, and more. If you’re just using ServiceNow for ticketing, you’re not getting the most out of your software solution.

RegoUniversity is an institution when it comes to PPM training and networking. Our expertise is world-renowned and we take pride in offering the finest tools and educational resources out there. So, you can be confident that our ServiceNow path, led by Rego ServiceNow expert guides, will be an impactful conference designed for you.

Rego is offering two days of solution-driven open labs, round table discussions, and instructional classes at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa for just $600 (that’s right, only $600!) until July 1st. You’ll get hands-on experience, hear from experts and industry leaders, and benefit from lasting connections.

RegoUniversity 2019 | ServiceNow Course Offerings

To give you an idea of what you can expect at RegoUniversity, here are just some of our ServiceNow course offerings. See the schedule for yourself.


Demand/Idea/Project Management | Best Practices
– Discover Successful Best Practices
– Real World Examples
– Learn about ServiceNow Functionality

Creating ServiceNow Dashboards
– Create Interactive Reports
– Master Widgets
– No Coding Required

Excel and ServiceNow | Working Together
– Enter Data with Excel
– Case Studies from Integrations
– Create a Seamless Process

Resource/Portfolio Management | OOTB Introduction
– Understand Configuration
– See Objects, Views, and Functions
– Expert Tips & Tricks



Agile Transformation | What to Expect
– Parts of a Successful Agile Implementation
– Support Your Team with Leadership
– Metrics for Team, Program, and Transformation

Agile Primer
– Why Go Agile?
– Agile vs. Traditional
– Agile Continuous Planning

ServiceNow-Agile Integration | Bi-Modal IT
– Best Practices for Tool Integration
– Interface with PPM
– Learn about Wagile

Introducing Apptio Agile Insights
– See Agile Work in Progress
– Measure Value Delivered
– Combine Multiple Agile Tools


Application Portfolio Management | Business Value
– Implement APM
– Find the Data and Tools You Need
– Discuss Case Studies

ITBM Roadmap | Always Have a Vision
– Develop a Strategic Roadmap
– Invigorate Your Team
– Drive Business Maturity

Business Resource Management (BRM) in ServiceNow
– Provide Visibility
– Cover Requests, Incidents, and Demands
– Perform Essential Maintenance

ServiceNow Project Financial Management
– Explore New ITFM Features
– Best Practices for PM
– Get to Know Advanced Functions


Non-Scripting Administration
– Leverage Native UI for Reports
– Establish Scheduling
– Procure a Personal Developer Instance

PPM Data Model Basics
– Utilize PPM Tables
– Discover Best Practices
– Exciting Discussion Format

Introduction to Reporting with Performance Analytics
– Get Effective Data
– Interpret Performance Accurately
– Create Informative Reports

Technical Round Table | Q&A
– Troubleshooting for APM & PPM
– Led by Industry Leaders
– Submit Your Questions

Paradise Point: The Venue

We’re hosting RegoUniversity this year at a luxury hotel, the Paradise Point Resort & Spa, where you’ll get your own cabana with waterfront views. This tranquil and gorgeous location is the perfect spot to meet friends, connect with industry experts, and enjoy fine dining and fun.

Getting there is a breeze, because the airport is minutes from Paradise Point. You’ll never be at a loss for things to do—the San Diego Zoo is located nearby, as are vineyards, restaurants, zip lining, laser tag, and more. It’s a great place to bring your family if you’re looking for a relaxing yet productive vacation.

Learn From the Best

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Join us for this immersive learning experience, and become an asset to your organization.

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