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Getting You Moving Fast

The base kits in regoFoundation’s PPMExpress are built on core best practices we’ve refined for over a decade. Our PPM engagements span 600+ customers and include thousands of development requests. Rego Base Kits are the fastest, most cost-effective way to implement the widest array of Project and Portfolio Management solutions. Implementing these items collectively has saved organizations thousands of dollars.

regoFoundation Base Kits

Portfolio Management

Financial Management

Resource Management

Resource Management Advanced


Time Tracking

Demand Management

Performance Monitoring

Adoption Metrics

Project Scheduling

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Since 13.2 upgrade a couple of years back, we have been actively engaging Rego team for any consultation / implementation service and also working closely related to Clarity upgrade to 14.4. We are receiving tremendous support from Rego on need basis. Thanks for all your support and contributions thus far. We look forward to work with you in the future too. Thanks.

AD Supervisor Ford May 19, 2016

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