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Rego Consulting Named Top 10

Project Management Solution Provider for 2017

Rego is recognized for helping customers build a competitive advantage and transform their business.

SALT LAKE CITY, January 9, 2018 – Rego Consulting has been recognized by CIOApplications Magazine as one of their Top 10 Project Management Solution Providers for 2017. Rego was among several companies vetted by the CIOApplications selection panel which consists of CEO’s, CIO’s, VC’s, industry analysts, and the publications editorial board. Award recipients—which included Asana, Clarizen, LiquidPlanner, Planview, Sciforma, and Smartsheet—were based on the company’s ability to build innovative solutions, time-focused delivery, and economic efficiencies in delivery solutions.

“We are just thrilled to be recognized as a top PPM solution provider,” said Dan Greer, President of Rego Consulting. “Rego has a core mission to deliver innovative PPM solutions that allow our customers to gain measurable ROI from their PPM investment through driving down the cost if implementation and support.”

Rego has several recent innovations:

  • An Action Item Email Responder that allows PPM users to respond to action item requests directly in email. Approvers no longer need to go into the tool to act on an action item.
  • Pre-Built Base Kits for PPM with the most common update sets and training. This allows Rego to implement a PPM system in less time, for less cost.
  • Over 100 pre-built integrations (and growing) for HR, Agile, ERP/Financial Systems, Vendor Management, Time Management, Schedulers, Data Migrations and more.
  • Innovative help for companies who are considering a move to an Agile workspace or those looking for a bi-modal approach of Agile and Waterfall.
  • Solutions and services for Business Intelligence, Application Portfolio Management, IT Financial Management, and Resource Management Office.

“Rego Consulting has performed hundreds of successful PPM implementations across every industry,” said Josh Leone Chief Technology Officer at Rego Consulting. “We have 140 PPM experts at the company, and their experiences and insights allow us to innovate at a fast pace, so our customers get solutions they can apply immediately.”

Since 2007, Rego has helped guide over 600 companies to achieve a higher return on their PPM software investment by energizing their systems with more efficient configurations, higher performance, greater reliability, and professional support. To learn more about Rego’s visit

Rego Consulting Acquires Empowered Networks’ Portfolio Management Line

Acquisition Expands Rego’s Project and Portfolio Management Reach

SALT LAKE CITY | DEC 1, 2017 – Today Rego Consulting announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Empowered Networks’ Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) practice area. Empowered is a long-time partner of Rego and is a specialized IT Systems Integrator that enables leading digital businesses to monitor, manage, and secure their IT through automation. The acquisition was unanimously approved by both Boards of Directors and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of Rego’s fiscal 2017.

“Effective PPM drives productivity and innovation across every industry,” said Dan Greer, President, Rego Consulting. “Empowered’s engineering and technology offerings complement and expand Rego’s strengths in application management and configuration. Empowered plans to continue to grow their monitoring, management, and security business while Rego ensures their PPM clients continue to receive fully-integrated solutions to solve real portfolio problems. This deal allows both companies to offer more strategic support within our respective strong-holds.”

The acquisition of Empowered Networks’ PPM line is a significant milestone for Rego’s strategy of guiding users through the portfolio space—where roadmaps and forecasts are dependent upon guiding processes that capture and relay actionable metrics.

Having trained more than 300,000 people in Project and Portfolio Management and guided more than 500 organizations through their PPM journeys—including 35% of Fortune 100 companies and 50% of Fortune 20 companies—Rego is well-suited to meet the needs of Empowered’s government and commercial PPM customers.

Rego’s 130 expert guides have refined best practices in PPM for over a decade, with user bases that span from 50 to 50,000. Customers trust Rego’s efficient configurations, partnering approach to meet unique requirements, and emphasis on long-term instruction. Rego houses the largest PPM resource library—the regoXchange—and holds the annual regoUniversity conference, a training event for PPM knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Brian Hepburn, Empowered Networks’ CEO said, “To work faster and with higher quality, businesses are transforming processes that leverage technology and facilitate collaboration between talented people. Rego and Empowered have more than a five-year history of working together to help businesses support optimal blends of strategic and tactical goals, and we are delighted to be taking this step forward in our relationship so that both companies can continue to expand our core solution offerings. Our customers will benefit from this increased focus and specialization.”

Gartner, a leading industry analyst, said in 2017 that the $2.3 billion PPM market is growing at more than 11% per year. The surge we see in existing and new PPM submarkets is a response that meets the needs and “challenges of executing transformational initiatives in the midst of digital disruption.”[1]

About Empowered Networks

Empowered Networks is a specialized IT Systems Integrator that enables leading digital business to monitor, manage, and secure their IT through automation. Their team helps select, deploy, and operate technologies that make applications, networks and services more agile, more visible, and more dependable. Empowered drives positive business outcomes that translate directly to the bottom line. Learn more at

[1] “Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide, 2017”

Rego Named as New Focus Partner

SALT LAKE CITY | April 25, 2017—Today Rego Consulting announced their company is the top global CA PPM reseller and, for the second consecutive year, the top reseller of CA PPM in North America. Rego continues to hold Computer Associates’ (CA) Premier Partner status, a prestigious designation awarded to only a handful of companies.

This CA PPM news comes on the heels of CA’s recent announcement about a new Advantage Partner Program. In the top tier of this program, CA named Rego Consulting as a Focus Partner. This designation identifies Rego as a top performing partner across a variety of areas essentials to Project and Portfolio Management.

“We’re excited to receive CA’s top-tier partner designation,” said Bob Schwartz, Vice President of Sales at Rego Consulting. “Achieving 150% of our PPM software target is testament to the unique value Rego delivers to our rapidly growing community of CA PPM reference clients.”

“Survey’s show customers trust Rego for five reasons,” said Steve Winchester, Vice President of Marketing. “Two of the most important are the quality of the Rego Guides—our expert practitioners—and the added value clients receive with the regoXchange, our pre-built content library which includes over 600 best practice artifacts for CA PPM.”

More information about the new CA Advantage Partner Program, click here.
For more information about the new CA Advantage Partner Program, click here.

About Rego Consulting
Rego Consulting is a global PPM services provider. With more than 130 PPM consultants, Rego has helped hundreds of organizations achieve a higher return on their PPM software investment. Learn more about Rego Consulting’s unique services and proprietary knowledge-center the regoXchange at

Rego Consulting—Standout Booth of the Year at CA World 2016

LAS VEGAS CA World 2016– Nov 18, 2016—Rego Consulting was recognized as having the standout booth of the year at CA’s annual show. Rego saw high foot traffic, lots of smiles, and intense competition as visitors enjoyed Ultimate Foosball, Giant Jenga, electric foot massage stations, and demo stations including regoXchange, Jaspersoft, and Meisterplan (

“We are honored to be recognized for having an outstanding booth” said Dan Greer, President of Rego Consulting. “Our primary goal is to delight our customers – whether that is at CA World or in the services we provide. You know you have a hit when you can hear the sound of people enjoying an invigorating round of Ultimate Foosball from the other end of the exhibit hall.”

CA World attendees enjoyed the weeklong event which included training sessions, keynote and other remarks by key CA executives, and other activities. The exhibit hall was open for extended hours for a special Wednesday night networking event. During the networking event, Rego broke out additional games to add to the fun. Crowds gathered as Regoites Brian and Chris Wuenstel set the evenings Giant Jenga record of 41 moves.

“We have wonderful customers and we enjoy connecting with them at events like this. It gives us an opportunity to not only enjoy fun activities, it gives us an opportunity to solve problems, strategize, and look at new ways to help our customers get the most value from their PPM investment.” Said Bob Schwartz, Vice President of Sales.

About Rego Consulting
Rego Consulting is the leading PPM services provider. With more than 130 PPM consultants, Rego Consulting has helped hundreds of organizations achieve a higher return on their PPM software investment. Learn more about Rego Consulting including regoUniversity and Rego’s proprietary knowledge-center regoXchange, at

Rego Consulting Announces 14.4 Upgrade Webinar with Ramesh Rathnam and Darren Greer
Wednesday, July 20th at 12:00pm EST.

Free registration is now open for regoUniversity | Upgrading to CA PPM 14.4 with Jaspersoft, a live Rego Webinar held Wednesday, July 20th at 12:00 PM EST.
Presented by Ramesh Rathnam and Darren Greer (see bios below), participants will learn how to reduce the risk and duration of upgrades by leveraging Rego’s best practice approach. Ramesh and Darren are expected to emphasize the loss of Business Objects and strategies for moving to Jaspersoft.

“We’ll cover the pros and cons of upgrading and what the latest patches bring to the table,” says Darren Greer, Technical Consultant for Rego. “And because we’ve done so many upgrades, we can easily help you make it a smoother process.”

“Even On Demand is not effortless,” says Steve Seaney, Vice President of Project Delivery. “You need somebody who knows what to expect and what’s going to happen before it does, so you can be prepared to address it.”

Participants will also learn when and where a fresh start upgrade makes sense, how to get a free architecture stack review, and what it takes to remediate tricky configurations, like financial structures.

“We’ve got a lot of experience to share about things to do well in advance of an upgrade, including some cautions about how to avoid the edge of the Tomcat abyss, expand functionality, and improve performance,” says Ramesh Rathnam, Principal Architect.

CA PPM 14.4 changes include new Data Warehouse configuration options and performance improvements for Jaspersoft. The My Reports portlet has been discontinued and replaced by Advanced Reporting features, and Business Objects can no longer be used. Also inaccessible: studio lookups, object action menus, and links to legacy reporting options.

CA PPM administrators, as well as functional and technical users can benefit from this free webinar, and anyone in the community is welcome to apply for registration. Reserve your seat now for regoUniversity | Upgrading to CA PPM 14.4 with Jaspersoft.

Darren Greer, Technical Consultant

About Darren Greer
One of our technical mavens, Darren has spent more than fifteen years managing multiple disparate IT technologies and operations, including big data, software development, and third-party software implementations. At Rego, Darren is a leader in all things Jaspersoft and also a training and POD leader. With a BS in Information Sciences from Carroll University and a Six Sigma Green Belt, he brings significant knowledge in desktop and application virtualization, agile methodologies, global operations management, and client customer relationship. Outside of work Darren’s interests are just as varied. He is a self-proclaimed early adopter of technology and loves photography, reading, basketball, his family, and piloting Quadcopters.

Ramesh Rathnam, Technical Consultant

About Ramesh Rathnam
Ramesh has one of the most diverse and rounded backgrounds of the Rego team. He’s lived across the globe in places like Mumbai, London, Toronto, Ottawa, and now Long Island. During his travels, he built an impressive resume which includes titles like Director of Information Technology, Senior Enterprise Systems Management Consultant, Performance and Capacity Manager, Services Architect, and today, Principal Architect. Ramesh holds a Master of Science from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from Southeastern University. He’s also fluent in English, French, Tamil, Hindi and semi-fluent in German and Russian. When asked what his hobbies and interests are, Ramesh replied “too many to list.” We’re not surprised.

Rego Consulting Announces Dynamic Portfolio Webinar for CA PPM
Webinar offers inside view of Meisterplan, itDesign’s CA PPM Portfolio Add-on for dynamic portfolio solutions.

SALT LAKE CITY – Apr 1, 2016—Today Rego Consulting announced the opening of registrations for a new CA PPM webinar called Advance Your Portfolio Views Now, an inside view of Meisterplan, the CA PPM portfolio solution by itDesign. The webinar will be held Wednesday, April 13th @ 12:00PM EST and co-hosted by Josh Leone, VP of Engineering, Technology, and Innovation at Rego and former Director of Clarity SWAT at CA, with Jennifer Scarlato, CA PPM Solutions Architect at Rego.

A Rego partner for the last four years, and CA’s largest PPM software sales partner, itDesign is the leading CA PPM consulting practice in Europe, known for their development of the Assignment and Allocation editor CA PPM add-ins. Companies like Nordex, Inova Solutions, and vodafone use the Meisterplan portfolio solution.

“Along with giving a demo, we’ll introduce the Meisterplan story, including how it fits into the ecosystem of CA PPM and portfolios generally,” says Josh Leone. “Everyone who’s seen this has been excited.”

Meisterplan is a dynamic PPM Tool. On a foundation level, Meisterplan combines strong metrics for reporting and analytics with governance standards and processes. On a portfolio level, Meisterplan offers portfolio prioritization, portfolio selection, capacity and capability management, portfolio authorization, and portfolio governance.

“If you use CA PPM, and you’re already using or considering using Portfolios, Meisterplan is a powerful, all around solution,” says Jennifer Scarlato.

Advance Your Portfolio Views Now is open to the CA PPM community, and viewers are encouraged to join the conversation and submit their questions live.
Rego Consulting provides CA PPM expertise on-demand at a price you can afford, so you can get maximum value from your investment in CA Technologies. Founded by individuals that managed one of the most successful global deployments of CA PPM, Rego has always approached its mission from the user perspective. All Rego resources are former CA PPM users and managers who understand the challenges of user adoption, executive sponsorship, and day-to-day support.

About Rego Consulting
Rego Consulting (@RegoConsulting) is the leading PPM services provider. With more than 130 PPM consultants, Rego Consulting has helped hundreds of organizations achieve a higher return on their PPM software investment. Learn more about Rego Consulting’s unique services, including regoProcess and Rego’s proprietary knowledge-center regoXchange, at

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