IT Financial Management

You’re under constant pressure to cut costs while investing in innovation and transformation initiatives. And we know, legacy IT systems make it difficult to access budget data and get insight into the why and where of your allocations and spending.

How is Rego Different?

  • Practitioners who understand the need to align IT with business goals.
  • Partnership approach based on your company’s needs, processes, and priorities.
  • Reporting built to provide leaders with realistic view of service delivery costs.

Provide CIOs and service owners with a realistic view of service delivery costs.

Comprehensive data for annual planning and decision making.

Capture and allocate costs fairly and transparently.

Identify important cost trends impacting efficiency.

Our financial management offerings allow you to map actual costs—business services, applications, projects, and infrastructure—to the consumers of those services, whether you need an integrated annual planning tool or a single system of record. With all the information organized and accessible, you can determine if your IT costs are aligned to your business goals, precisely.

Receive actionable insights to boost your performance.

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Tony C

If we had just bought ServiceNow for PPS and nothing else, I think we would have been very successful.

July 16, 2016

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