As we see 2020 receding in our rearview mirror, the start of 2021 signals a chance to start fresh and maybe even set a few resolutions. Perhaps you’re taking a new interest in that long-neglected treadmill or getting ready to tackle a few unruly closets. From a professional perspective, a new year means setting strategic goals for your organization. What will the new year bring? What do you want to achieve? How will you look back a year from now to measure progress and accomplishments?

Historically, goal setting has been performed annually. However, with continually evolving market dynamics, businesses must be nimbler and more reactive. Realistically, goals are now set six months ahead–sometimes even quarterly. The new year is the perfect time to review processes and re-design speed-to-market to accelerate delivery or increase ROI.

While using goal setting to ensure strategic alignment is not new, it’s become increasingly crucial this year. In fact, it was the leading trend in Rego’s Top Project Portfolio Management and Collaborative Work Management Trends report for 2021. Equally important is choosing a solution designed to align goals and work across the enterprise. And Workfront Goals is a great choice.

In this article, we’ll discuss why employee engagement is a crucial component of successful goal setting, how Workfront Goals can help your business align strategies to work, and best practices for using Workfront Goals.

How Setting Goals Improves Employee Engagement

Clearly established goals and employee engagement have a positive correlation. Empowered employees are engaged, and when employees understand how vital their work is to the business and its customers, they feel empowered. Achieving this engagement begins when strategy and tactics are connected; employees must see how they’re making a difference and that their contribution adds value to the organization, no matter how big or small the task.

Not surprisingly, employee motivation varies depending on the company. Perhaps it’s improving customer satisfaction and retaining top customers or even driving increased results period over period. However, when employees have a purpose and a clear mission and feel that their achievements have been acknowledged, job satisfaction naturally skyrockets.

Goal setting improves engagement and helps provide a clear path to your company’s expectations. Defining the strategy, the tactics involved in the strategy, and the desired result empowers employees to execute the work.

Workfront Goals: Employee Engagement

How Workfront Goals Enables Clearly Defined Strategies

Workfront Goals allows businesses to define, connect, and share strategies (goals) with the work done (activities). Whether there are existing Projects in flight, or a need to ramp up new ones, Workfront Goals helps to connect the dots. Organizations can also take strategic plans and measure their corresponding performance to drive desired results or quickly pivot when performance falls below standard.

Workfront Goals enables teams to both set strategic goals and align objectives. This functionality provides visibility into daily activities to make sure they align with company strategy and that the most critical work is being executed. By connecting tactics and strategy, it’s easy to quantify the results in real-time.

Defining clear metrics (results) is key to defining expectations for employees and teams. Recognition of goal achievement through direct communication using Workfront Goals provides the transparency and motivation employees need to succeed.

Workfront Goals: Goal, Activities, Results

Best Practices for Workfront Goals

  • Create goals with a clearly defined end result
  • Align your goals based on:
    • Organizational hierarchy (i.e., departmental goals)
    • Cross-functional departments (i.e., marketing to drive sales revenue)
    • Contribution to the higher-level strategy (i.e., increase advertising exposure with quarterly campaigns to grow market share by 5%)
  • Keep goals top of mind and make check-ins easy by setting up projects with recurring tasks as reminders to help facilitate updates
  • Keep the team motivated with regular communication, including using the “like” function
Let Rego Guide Your Workfront Journey

Let Rego Be Your Workfront Guide

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