Have you ever accidentally deleted a project?  (You’re not the only one.) Thank goodness for the Recycle Bin!

But even though users with System Admin or Group Admin access can restore your project, you likely need to submit a request and wait your turn. In the meantime, you’ve lost precious time that could be used to update your project.

Did you know that there is a way to prevent a project from being deleted?

First, you need to be the project owner. Next, verify that Billing Records appears in your vertical Navigation menu. If the Billing Records option does not display in the vertical Navigation menu, click Show More.

If this option does not show at all, check with your Group or System Admin, as Billing Records may be hidden on your layout template.

Once you have located the Billing Records option, click to open the object.

Next, select Start Adding Billing Records.

  • In the Description field, we entered Billing Record Added to Prevent Project Deletion.
    Note: You may add something slightly different.
  • In the Status field, select Billed. It is critical that you enter Billed in the Status field.

Important! A project with a Billing Record that has Status of Billed cannot be deleted.

When a Project Owner attempts to delete a project, a normal warning will display:

Delete Project Confirmation

If you select Yes, Delete It, Workfront proceeds as if your project is being deleted and returns the following message:

However, when you check the list of Projects, the project is still there:

The Billing Record status would need to be set to Not Billed if you want that project to be deleted.

Rego’s best practice recommendation is to test any new functionality in your sandbox environment to ensure it is set up correctly before you apply it to a live project in Production.

This is a great feature to prevent projects from being accidentally deleted and can save a lot of time–and headaches.

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