Managing a quarterly or yearly electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) project is a massive undertaking, involving extensive resource utilization, testing, document management, tracking tasks, and providing total visibility to strategic leaders. Upgrades are increasingly disruptive and costly for healthcare organizations at a time when institutions are already strained from Covid-19 and remote resource management of systems.

Even more challenging, healthcare institutions must ensure that EMR systems remain available during the process to prevent any disruption to medical staff or patients.

Recommended Best Practices for EMR Upgrade Implementations

While EMR upgrades are significant, there are many steps organizations can take to ensure a successful outcome. At Rego, we work with a broad base of health organizations that use ServiceNow and engage with us for EMR implementations. Based on our experience, we’ve created a list of best practice guidance:

Automate where possible: Manual tasks take a lot of time and cause the potential for errors. Automation also has the added benefit of creating repeatable processes, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel during the next upgrade.

Manage resources proactively: The last thing you want in the middle of an EMR project is to realize that you don’t have sufficient resources. Take the time to review resource availability before and during an upgrade to make sure nothing has changed.

Establish change management: If an upgrade creates significant change for resources, it’s essential to provide training and support early to ensure that transformational efforts are successful.

Create transparency: Leadership teams need to know what’s happening at all phases of an EMR project. Ensure your reporting system and structure can provide the kind of visibility they require.

Our Approach

Rego takes a holistic approach to EMR projects. By leveraging the ServiceNow platform’s core capabilities and IT Business Management (ITBM), we ensure that project teams can consistently deliver regular EMR upgrades. The hybrid methodology included in our process and EMR solution allows for complete management of resources, sprints, testing, and delivery in a single platform. Finally, project managers, stakeholders, and resources can have high visibility of the project’s status while collaborating with everyone in one place, saving time and reducing risk.

Rego’s EMR Solution Enables End-to-End Stakeholder Support

Rego’s EMR Upgrade Solution

Rego’s EMR upgrade implementation solution migrates upgrades and modifications from one system to a project and portfolio management (PPM) template. The Rego EMR PPM template is designed for quarterly upgrades.

Our solution includes the following components on top of the ServiceNow platform:

  • Pre-upgrade planning
  • EMR Lifecycle Support Template
  • Enhanced Agile and Release Management (Project Tracking)
  • SharePoint Integration (Data Aggregation)
  • Single platform to manage projects, resources, and deliverables
  • Executive visibility to track all projects being executed
  • Greater productivity and speed to upgrade through native collaboration capabilities
  • Reduced risk by ensuring all data is tracked through the platform of record and engagement

In addition, Rego is developing the Epic EMR solution for the App Orchard Marketplace.

Expedite Operational and Technical Efficiency

Rego’s EMR solution is designed to expedite the upgrade process from 20% to 25%, provide greater visibility into EMR changes for leadership teams, and ensure faster troubleshooting for issues resulting from unknown EMR changes.

  • Optimize the management of the EMR quarterly upgrade process
  • Reduce the number of resources required to manage the technical integration and documentation intake for each module
  • Eliminate the potential of lost migration and implementation consistency when resources leave the organization
  • Provide a consistent and stable platform for planning and implementing upgrades with a methodology

Let Rego Guide Your EMR Upgrade Journey

Are you looking for assistance with an EMR upgrade or implementation? Send us an email or call anytime. Whether you’re simply exploring ideas or ready to think about next steps, we’ll schedule a no-pressure call at your convenience.

Rego also offers free webinars, white papers, and training courses for ServiceNow.

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