In the fifteenth century, Johannes Guttenberg invented a technology that eventually served as the foundation for mass marketing: the metal movable-type, otherwise known as the printing press. On the cusp of 2021, marketing has entered a brave new world. Artificial intelligence is becoming a powerful part of our everyday life and it’s easier than ever to connect operational and delivery systems to increase connectivity and deliver marketing products across multiple digital platforms.

Future of Marketing Operations and Delivery

At Rego Consulting, we’re always thinking about how the marketing operating model is evolving. Whether it’s building your OpTech stack, eliminating work between operating systems and delivery systems, or delving into your marketing data model, it’s never been more essential to focus on the “how” of delivering great marketing and customer experiences.

Future of Marketing Operations and Delivery: Adobe Acquires Workfront

Nothing underscores that importance more than Adobe’s recent acquisition of Workfront. Because Workfront offers seamless integrations to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud, the obstacle of siloed work management systems is being removed, elevating enterprise collaboration and productivity.

As a Workfront 2020 Partner of the Year, Rego is proud to assist teams across Adobe stand up their work management solutions. From deep process work and technical architecture to Workfront design and configuration, Rego guides have helped Adobe build market-leading work management capabilities for years. We could not be more excited for what has yet to come.

Future of Marketing Operations and Delivery: Let Be Your Guide

Let Rego Guide Your Workfront Experience

Whether it’s ensuring a smooth transition to the new Workfront Experience with our Lift, Shift, and Validate package or starting from scratch with a new implementation, Rego can guide your organization’s Workfront initiative. We can help you improve business agility while driving down the costs of development, implementation, and support. Our rates are typically 20% to 40% less than competitors. At Rego Consulting, you’ll work with expert consultants who have real-world experience and a commitment to your success.