Emergency preparedness has been put to the test in new ways because of COVID-19. But, as so often happens during a crisis, a clearer focus has emerged on what is truly valuable. Data can be recovered, or buildings repaired, but employees remain the most important asset for any company.

Most organizations have a business continuity plan, with disaster recovery procedures designed to recover or enable critical IT and technology systems. And while a business continuity plan is supposed to address the resource aspect of keeping the lights on, it often falls short in terms of employee safety.

What Organizations Can Do Right Now

If your organization is looking for ways to ensure employee safety during the current health crisis, several low-cost options exist:

  • ServiceNow Emergency Response management apps
  • ServiceNow Safe Workplace
  • Rego’s Crisis Management service

These tools can help businesses and other agencies, such as local or state governments, get the technological support they need to keep employees protected and informed.

Rego’s Crisis Management service extends infectious disease safety mechanisms to include natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and other crises.

Outreach and Exposure Management: ServiceNow Emergency Response Apps

In March of 2020, ServiceNow released four community response apps for emergency outreach, self‑reporting, and exposure management for COVID-19. The ServiceNow emergency apps are an excellent way to expand a current business continuity plan to protect employees during the outbreak of an infectious disease.

Emergency Preparedness Apps from ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box functionality includes notifying employees of relevant information, identifying employees who may have been exposed to a contagious disease, and enabling self-report of health status.

ServiceNow Emergency Apps

Returning to Work: ServiceNow Workplace

Where the Emergency Response apps focus on health status reporting and notification, the ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace suite is designed to simplify the complex workflows involved with returning to the workplace after an infectious disease outbreak such as COVID-19:

  • Contact Tracing
    Use data-driven contract tracing to identify and respond to employee exposure risk.
  • Workplace Safety Management
    Design a safe return process with distancing floor plans, automated cleaning tasks, and self-service reservations.
  • Employee Readiness Surveys
    Gauge readiness to return to the workplace and attend to employee safety concerns.
  • Employee Health Screening
    Employ onsite screening or mobile self-service to confirm that employees meet workplace entry requirements.
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management
    Manage personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory across locations and facilities to meet your workforce’s physical safety needs.
  • Safe Workplace Dashboard
    Employ a dashboard display of Safe Workplace data to obtain a complete view of your readiness to reopen.

Preparing for the Future, Today

Now, or in the future, Rego recommends that organizations perform a thorough assessment of their existing emergency preparedness procedures. A robust plan should account for all crises and natural disasters to ensure that employees remain safe and informed – no matter the event or scenario.

Revamping your business continuity plan during a global pandemic may seem overwhelming, especially if resources are limited or furloughed. Rego understands this, which is why we created a low-cost ServiceNow Crisis Management offering. Our service maintains ServiceNow’s existing pandemic functionality and extends it to other crisis scenarios, such as floods, hurricanes, and wildfires.

Rego’s expanded functionality provides Virtual Agent support enabling ServiceNow’s latest artificial intelligence Chatbot capabilities and extensive automation functionality, such as automated Crisis Task creation.

Additionally, the Rego Crisis Management service has the added feature of using Push Notifications, through the Now Mobile Application and Help Desk, to engage employees without regular access to ServiceNow.

NOW Mobile App - Crisis Management

To alleviate stress on your internal teams, we also include the following items:

  • Update Sets with end-to-end training materials for each release, including latest release updates for Emergency Outreach and Emergency Self-Report
  • Comprehensive list of current business applications (Application Portfolio Management foundation)
  • User stories (Parameters and Acceptance Criteria)
  • Out-of-the-box delivery in under 72 hours
  • Post-Implementation support (25 Hours)
Rego Crisis Management Solution

Let Rego Guide Your Emergency Preparedness Efforts

Rego is here to assist your organization during the current global health crisis and beyond. Our consultants are ready to provide immediate assistance for crisis management and any other ServiceNow offering.