Sleep Number supports platform adoption and time to market with ServiceNow project and portfolio management (PPM)

Company: Sleep Number
Industry: Manufacturing
Size: 4,000 employees

The customer: improving lives with innovative sleep solutions

Founded in 1987, Sleep Number develops, manufactures, and retails innovative mattresses and related products. Having pioneered biometric sleep tracking, Sleep Number transformed the mattress industry with the idea that ‘one size does not fit all.’

The challenge: standardizing and maturing PPM processes

Sleep Number manages hundreds of projects each year, from IT and operational initiatives to developing and launching innovative new products. Their previous project and portfolio management (PPM) solution was no longer consistently utilized, as it had not kept pace with the organization’s growth. Sleep Number wanted to standardize and mature its PPM processes across all locations to ensure efficient and timely delivery of projects across the organization.

The solution: better reporting and visibility

Sleep Number turned to Rego Consulting to improve its PPM approach and deploy its new supporting platform: ServiceNow.

Rego assisted with implementation and data transformation to the new solution and developed custom reports, including one that enabled tracking normalized hours for financials.

Using ServiceNow, Sleep Number has a clear view into projects, status, tickets, and financials, and project reporting has become more efficient, saving valuable time and freeing up resources.

The benefits: efficient and cost-effective project delivery

Sleep Number now uses a single, centralized system that allows for standardized processes across all projects. This has reduced costs and provided better visibility into financial reporting. Through increased platform adoption and more efficient and timely project delivery, Sleep Number anticipates accelerating strategic project completion.

This was a very compressed timeline and Rego turned it around successfully in two months. The team was great to work with and very responsive.

Sleep Number