Deloitte Green Dot Agency (GDA) asked Rego to help streamline their processes, assess and recommend system improvements and increase their systems interoperability.

Company: Deloitte
Industry: Professional Services
Workfront Use: Marketing, Marketing Operations, IT

The Challenge

Deloitte Green Dot Agency (GDA) asked Rego to help streamline their processes, assess and recommend system improvements and increase their systems interoperability. 

Overall: Deloitte GDA was unable to accurately track and report on project financials or provide ROI reporting as an internal agency​.

  • Lack of data integrity – the lack of true systems of record combined with poor interoperability between systems, and poor data architecture led to lack of data integrity
  • Broken processes and Inefficiencies – using multiple systems combined with traditional process not built for modern, agile work and manual processes resulted in inefficiencies – lost time, wasted resources, duplication of efforts
  • Poor asset management and performance reporting – The inability to track assets and tie them to campaigns and projects led to poor ROI reporting and tracking

The Solution

  • Rego facilitated a large-scale discovery process to analyze critical business, process and systems issues (leadership key requirements, SME interviews, cross-functional workshops, systems analysis)
  • Developed recommendations for systems architecture design, process improvements and a roadmap to data integrity, interoperability – including defining systems of record
  • Defined journey map of API integrations and implementations
  • Defined system and process for tracking and automating asset creating, tracking and reporting


This is an in-process engagement. Current results include ​:

  • Building the ability to track financial performance with trust in the data both  internally and with external partners
  • Developing streamlined processes that will lead to efficient use of resources  and more strategically deployed resource
  • Scaling Workfront across other business units