Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana better aligns projects and resources with IT financial management expertise from Rego

Company: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana
Industry: Healthcare
Size: 3,200 employees

The customer: improving the health and lives of Louisianians

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana aims to be the statewide leader in healthcare. It serves 1.6 million residents through eight regional offices. Founded in 1934, it is a non-profit organization and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

The challenge: meeting project demand within budget

Health insurance is a competitive and changing market. Faced with growing demand for IT services combined with rapid change and cost contraints, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Louisiana needed to improve the delivery of IT projects for its business partners. In order to meet demand and stay within budget, they also wanted the ability to make informed decisions around what projects to cut and what projects to invest in. To achieve these goals, the organization needed greater visibility into costs and capacity across their IT project portfolio.

The solution: IT cost transparency and detailed reporting

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana selected Rego Consulting to help establish more rigourous IT Financial Management (ITFM), supported by the ServiceNow platform.

Rego worked closely with the healthcare insurer’s IT teams and business partners to establish clear goals and desired outcomes. Together they developed the right models for metrics and reporting. Source data was evaluated, improved, and gradually expanded to capture accurate IT costs for various stakeholders.

In parallel, Rego assisted with the selection of ServiceNow to support ITFM, conducting a proof of concept and subsequently deploying the tool.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Lousiana now has full transparency of IT costs and projects, including insights into the total cost of a service, cost per end user, fixed versus variable costs, and breakdowns by individual application and IT Towers.

The benefits: demand and services aligned to business objectives

Working with Rego has enabled Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to demonstrate to business partners how IT enables business strategies, and also the costs of specific IT services. This has helped the organization to better align and prioritize IT activities, resources and new demands with business objectives. As a result, they were able to futher improve project delivery and outcomes while working within budget constraints.